Handigrip 'Tug and Twist' Head Robust Grip Cert 32inch Handy Grabber By Helping Hand 310-0320

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About This Product

The Helping Hands Handigrip 'Tug and Twist' Head Robust Grip Cert 32inch Handy Grabber, no matter what your level of dexterity is, the flexibility allowed by the HandiGrip’s ‘tug and twist’ head allows for safe reaching wherever you are. The style of the jaw aids visibility of the item in question, and once picked up the traction in the jaw makes sure the user has the optimum hold of the item – saving time and effort daily.

High or low, or between narrow gaps, there’s no end to the places you will be able to safely reach.


  • Unique rotating head gives maximum visibility to retrieve an object, without taking the strain in the wrist. Simple pull, twist and return action.
  • Robust construction for extra durability, helps with heavier lifting too.
  • New improved Gripcert ® jaw with extra teeth guarantees precision pick up – any size, any surface, every time.

A Lifetime Guarantee comes with every Reacher.


  • Length: 88cm (32")
  • Usage: For the taller client, to avoid unnecessary bending

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Product Code 310-0320
VAT Relief Qualified Yes
Condition New
Brand Helping Hand

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  • 0 of 0 people found the following review helpful

    Arms above other handi-grips

    I purchased this for a friend who recently lost her leg and had just come out of hospital. The handi-grip is easy to use, has a longer reach than some others on the market and overall is of good quality. My friend had another in her house which has nowhere near the strength of this one. A good buy from my point of view.

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  • 0 of 0 people found the following review helpful

    handy aid

    Very good product, stronger and better than the NHS ones given to patients - was a godsend after a hip operation - I found I was constantly kept dropping things so the grabber was fantastic to have.

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  • 0 of 0 people found the following review helpful

    Great tool for anyone who has trouble reaching things

    This is invaluable in helping me regain some independence after a chronic back muscle strain. I can't bend over so my starting point was being able to lift things that I'd dropped off the floor - some things you just can't lift with your feet! In addition it allows me to lift clothes in and out of the washing machine from/to hand height. It also allows me to open the window over the bath or kitchen sink and draw those curtains, reach things on high shelves, and lift bag handles to hand level. I have even shamelessly taken it to the supermarket and used it to reach items on low shelves.

    I chose this slightly more expensive model for the caliper grippers rather than the rotating head, which I haven't yet used. It is reasonably sturdy and manages e.g. a wet towel from the washing machine. Things that are too heavy just slip through the grippers, though, without causing any damage.

    Overall, this is a great help and not just for older folk recovering from operations! I hope I don't need it for long, but when I'm done with it I have an older relative interested already and I may still sneak it back for some tasks!

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    I found this product a little too long for what I wanted. I have to stand quite far back from my cupboard to reach in , but for picking things up from the floor it is ideal.

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  • 0 of 0 people found the following review helpful

    Just Fantastic

    This is the second one I have owned of these the first I was given by my OT which I had and used daily for 3 years finally the pivot on which the jaws work to open and close gave way when I fell from my chair and over extended the jaws in the wrong direction and bang goes the pivot and braking the jaws my own fault not a failing in the Handi-grip Grabber this is why I have decided to buy my own and with a longer reach the benefits of this Handi-grip Grabber over others I have used are firstly its very light made from a light yet very strong alloy square shaft body the yellow on the hand grip is a very tactile rubber also the yellow part of the grips are made of a softer flexible rubber which do offer good grip the grip head can be rotated 90 degrees by pulling the grip head out slightly from the main shaft turning and allowing the grip head to fall back into place there is a stop built into the main shaft that only allows you to twist the grip head one way or the other by 90 degrees so you are not able to keep on twisting the head round and round as there's no need for that option as it will only kink up the wire that's in side which is connected from the grip handle to the grip head the amount of pressure you can apply using this Handi-grip Grabber is tremendous when compared to other handi grabbers yet the pressure that you apply to pick up an item using the Handi-grip Grabber is taken up in the flexible rubber of the grip head (that's the flexible rubber inside the grips the actual grip head is not flexible)and doesn't seem to damage stuff I have tried just out of curiosity to damage a CD case with this Handi-grip Grabber and no matter how hard I tried the case was not cracked and I tried lifting up a wet beach towel and had no problem in doing so well I have talked on long enough for me this Handi-grip Grabber will always be my choice of grabber hence why I am buying a new one and not relying on the of chance of getting another make from my OT.

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