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Riser Recliners - helping provide more support in your home

Are you having trouble getting up out of your chair? Are you restricted by mobility issues? After relaxing for a long period, do you find you are struggling to stand? We offer you a simple solution- a riser recliner chair. Many people of all ages have mobility issues particularly if the strength in their leg muscles fade or movement in the joints becomes painful. It is essential to consider how to make life easier rather than ignore the issues and create further problems. Your home is the place you spend the most time and as such, should be where you are most comfortable and the first place to address mobility issues. There are plenty of options available to assist movement and provide comfort.

A riser recliner is only slightly larger than an average armchair but comes with a host of benefits. A quiet electric motor with an easy to use controller assures you are in charge of the exact position you wish to sit in. Whether you chose to be upright or recline, the chairs offer an extension to the base seat area to support your legs. The chair can be adjusted to a raised position not only to help you stand up when you wish to move out of the chair but also to slowly and carefully ease you into a sitting position. A great value chair is the easy to use linen chair available in a choice of colours: in Beige, Grey (Ash Grey) and Light Brown (Mushroom)

The Grassmere Fabric Dual Motor Power Riser Recliner Chair is incredibly comfortable with a pillow backrest and the pillow armrest providing increased support. To blend into every modern home, it is finished in an attractive linen upholstery. With this chair, for ease of use, the seat positioning is controlled by a 4 button handset which can be used to raise the chair to an almost standing position for easy transfer tin and out of the chair or recline to a relaxing position.

If you prefer a single motor riser recliner, the chair is easier to control with the backrest and footrest moving simultaneously. Our bestselling leather chair is the The Milburn Real Leather and Single Motor Riser Recliner Chair. This fantastic and supportive rise recliner is manufactured with quality leather upholstery and wooden frame.

Designed to help assist moving you to a standing position and providing comfort when seated with the reclining backrest and raising leg rest adjustment. The position of the chair is easily controlled by just 2 buttons on the remote control. It can be adjusted to anywhere between the standing position to the reclined position the reclined to standing position.

If these options are not to your taste then you may consider a high seated chair such as our Queen Anne Fireside Chair which has a classic design. Specially contoured to give reassuring back, neck and head support. This chair is not adjustable like the risers and so remains upright at all times. It is however incredibly comfortable.

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