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Independence on wheels - wheelchairs and mobility scooters

Let’s face it - there are some things that we will have difficulty doing on our own as we get older – getting around is often one of them. Naturally, mobility can vary from person to person. For the elderly or those confined to a bed being able to move around by yourself or make some breakfast without the assistance of your spouse or carer is a welcoming thought. But for those with minor restrictions in mobility, perhaps arthritis or a bad back, visiting friends and family, shopping and everyday tasks can be a nightmare.

Independence is a crucial part of our lives. If you are finding you have restricted mobility and you are spending most of your days indoors as you can’t get out without help - you can help gain some independence again by getting a wheelchair or scooter. These mobility devices, available from Simplelife Mobility, offer you the opportunity to get out and enjoy your freedom.

In terms of providing independence, when using a wheelchair you may need help with lifting in and out of a vehicle (don’t worry, we do lightweight, foldable wheelchairs) or being pushed if you have not selected an electric model. However, for the ultimate out and about mobility aid, scooters offer you the option to carry out your daily tasks by yourself.

When independence, dignity and peace of mind is important, wheelchairs and scooters offer the opportunity for you to re-gain a new sense of freedom in your lifestyle. With these mobility aids, you can rediscover places, people and opportunities that may have been off limits. It is surprising how a small change like getting a wheelchair or scooter can make a big difference in your life by helping you to maintain your independence and quality of life.

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