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Best foot forward - How adapted footwear can put a spring in your step

We all know how uncomfortable footwear feels - rubbing from the tight sides, blistering and jarring when you walk - can all contribute to pain while walking and a reluctance to get out and about.  With adapted footwear from Simplelife Mobility, including extra wide, supportive and lace free options, you could soon be back on your feet, painlessly!

Why might I need adapted footwear?

Unfortunately, as we get older, the pads of natural cushioning on the soles of the feet get thinner and less effective at absorbing pressure. Additionally, as a result of certain illnesses, diseases and disabilities, the feet can suffer.  Swelling in the feet can occur as a result of restricted blood flow, changes in the lymphatic drainage system and as a side effect of conditions such as diabetes. This can mean conventional footwear is not only unsupportive in the sole but far too narrow to fit the foot.

One of the most popular ranges of solutions to help improve your mobility is our adapted footwear selection. From outdoor shoes for both men and women, through to slippers, Simplelife Mobility offer a complete range of footwear to help with enhanced comfort and improve how your feet feel, meaning you feel better overall.

Extra cushioned soles can offer comfort and support not only for long term conditions which result in pain while walking, for example, after a stroke, spina bifida, or cerebral palsy, but are also really useful for rehabilitation after a sports injury.

Laces can be a nightmare for anyone with restricted mobility, bending to try to tie a pair of laces can range from impossible to actually increasing your pain when you try. Cleverly adapted footwear, including sandals, offer wide straps to enable easy fastening and secure fit, improving comfort and ease of wear.

Furthermore, our wide and extra wide fit footwear designs offer a solution for those who require adapted shoes as a result of swollen or injured feet. Enhanced comfort from a shoe that fits will give you the confidence and support to get out and about on your feet again.

Fashionable look, functional design

Don't think that just because you need to select adapted footwear, that you can't still look good. Our premium range includes ladies sandals for the summer sun, smart work shoes perfect for the office as well as extra comfortable men's and women's slippers for around the home. Carefully selected styles and designs offer high quality footwear combined with style and practicality.

Still struggling?

If bending is a struggle and weakness in your hands makes putting shoes on hard, a long handled shoe horn, from our footwear accessories range, could be the answer to make your life easier. The Z-Tec chrome flexible shoe horn is ideal to help avoid the need to bend down in order to get the shoes on. There is a solution out there for everyone!

At Simplelife Mobility, your needs come first, for any help and support on selecting adapted footwear, please call us today on 0800 978 8907

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