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5 Tips For Regaining Independence

One of the most upsetting and life changing side effects of limited mobility can be the impact that movement and travel restrictions has on a person’s independence. It may feel like it is easier to stay at home and watch the world go by, than to seek out ways to fully integrate into society. However, the following 5 tips aim to offer advice on how to regain and maintain independence when mobility becomes an obstacle.

1. Utilise mobility support aids. By making the most of all available mobility support aids, you will lower your dependence on others and regain independence. Using a weakling aid will allow you to travel more easily, specialised lighting and eyewear can ensure that you are able to freely enjoy books, games and TV and safety precautions and handy gadgets can ensure that cooking is still pleasurable and achievable.

2. Use the internet. The internet is an exceptional tool for those looking to maintain independence. Rather than needing the assistance of a driver or companion to shop, everything can now be bought online and delivered right to your door. Banking and financial management can be completed online, safely and without disturbing privacy and socialising and networking is one of the tool’s greatest benefits.

3. Communicate your difficulties. This does not mean that you are resigning yourself to asking others for support in all duties, but by communicating the barriers that you may have, you’ll be a step closer to overcoming them. Ensure that your GP understands any obstacles that you face and they will make provisions to make it easier to access appointments and medicines.

4. Renovate your home. By making additions and amendments to your property, you will be able to evolve your home to suit your needs. Adding ramps, rails, wet rooms and lightweight furniture can make a mammoth change towards ensuring your independence.

5. Start slow. For those who have lost independence and are hoping to regain it, it is advisable to start slowly. Inch towards a more independent lifestyle by adopting smaller tasks to begin with and working up to larger undertakings. The first approach may be to wash unaided or make a simple meal and with time, confidence and support, these duties can soon turn into greater independent living.

At Simplelife Mobility, we are here to help make your life easier and regain as much independence as possible, browse our full range of living aids, walking aids and if you need any advice, just call our friendly sales team today.

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