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5 mobility tips for staying safe in the winter

The winter season brings a host of difficulties and dangers for all, but those with mobility issues must be particularly aware of how to stay safe. The following tips aim to provide advice on how to enjoy a safe and mobile winter.

Allow time. Be aware that icy conditions, poor visibility and colder temperatures are an everyday occurrence in a British winter. Counteract the additional risks that these cause by allowing extra time for duties and travel. Being more leisurely in your movements will ultimately make you safer.

Avoid carrying heavy items. Heavy items, such as shopping and oversized bags can cause increased risks in winter. Anything that acts as an additional stress to the body should be avoided. Those who suffer from conditions such as osteoporosis are likely to find that their condition is already aggravated by the season and so should avoid activities such as heavy lifting and carrying by way of protecting themselves from further damage.

Be prepared for ice and test your path. Ice is commonplace throughout winter and this can be one of the most hazardous areas for concern. Gritting pathways and ensuring that sturdy footwear – adapted footwear is available if required - is worn will help reduce the threat of ice. For questionable pathways, it is advisable to test the area with your foot before committing to walk on that route. If it is too slippery, take an alternative way or ask for assistance if required.

Be aware of medications. Some medicines have side effects that are more apparent in vulnerable seasons. When light is dim, conditions are risky and temperature are unforgiving, medical side effects can be heightened. Also be sure to stock up on medicines and allow plenty of time to apply for and collect repeat prescriptions.

Arrange a support network. This does not mean that you need to arrange to be inundated with visitors, but be sure to arrange for family and friends to contact you and visit as often as desired. This offers reassurances that your safety is enhanced and should you fall or become ill, salvation should not be too far away

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