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Buying From Trusted Mobility Aids Suppliers

19 February 2014 13:36:48 GMT

I’m always shocked to hear of people getting ripped off by rogue traders. It’s not the innocence that’s surprising – I am, after all, one of those people who leave doors unlocked and windows open – it’s the existence of scoundrels who prey on vulnerable people that gets me. But I can only think there must be loads of them knocking about or we wouldn’t need so many consumer radio and TV programmes and we wouldn’t need statutory bodies such as the Office of Fair Trading.Read More
Posted in Mobility Equipment

Assistance Dogs

19 February 2014 13:28:56 GMT

Imagine the sense and intelligence of Lassie combined with the dexterity and obedience of Pudsey and you’re getting somewhere close to the reality of an assistance dog. Up and down the country thousands of people with all sorts of disabilities and conditions are benefitting from the practical assistance, comfort and security that these animals bring.Read More
Posted in Out and About

Types of Mobility Aid

19 February 2014 13:24:23 GMT

Mobility is not only important in allowing us to get from A to B, it plays a crucial role in the maintenance of our independence, self-esteem and well-being. A huge variety of equipment is available to help people with disabilities get about, and although the choice may seem a little confusing, with advice and careful thought the correct mobility aid can make a big difference to lifeRead More
Posted in Mobility Equipment

Easy mobility while visiting friends and family

19 February 2014 13:15:16 GMT

Even if you have a devoted family and a whole army of friends popping in and out, nothing beats getting away from your own four walls. Of course it might not be that simple. But even if you have significant mobility difficulties it could be possible with careful planning and a few phone calls. Try breaking your excursion down into the journey itself and what you’ll need when you get there.Read More
Posted in Out and About

Choosing a Mobile Hoist

19 February 2014 13:12:02 GMT

According to my Oxford English Dictionary, a hoist is a piece of equipment for lifting, so it will come as no surprise to learn that a hoist in the care setting is a piece of equipment used for lifting a person. As I write this I wonder how many carers out there are struggling along with trying to hoick their husband, wife, child, friend, or patient out of a chair, a bed or out of the bathRead More
Posted in Mobility Equipment

Using Mobility Reachers for Independent Living

19 February 2014 13:06:52 GMT

his might be something of a cliché but, like all clichés, it is fundamentally true. Independence is key to a good quality of life And anything we can do to aid that independence is likely to have a positive impact. With this in mind, here we are going to look at reachers and how you might find one not only useful, but indispensible.Read More
Posted in Mobility Equipment

Housing Options

19 February 2014 13:04:35 GMT

Like many people, most of my savings are tied up in my house. This makes me more than a little twitchy as my financial security is dependent on the housing market remaining stable. And I’m not convinced it is stable – I get the impression it’s propped up by the media manipulation of our confidence. So should I downsize and release my cash now?Read More

Simple aids to communication

19 February 2014 13:02:46 GMT

Just why do we need to communicate? If we take a moment to think it becomes obvious we have to connect with other people to express our needs, wants and desires, and to explain our thoughts and our emotions; how complicated this seems even when pared down to these essentials. And of course we communicate with more than our voices: we use written words, our bodies, faces, pictures and music, and even then we manage to get it all wrong and fail to express what we mean. So many errors and misjudgments are made due to poor communication, and of course this is much more likely for those with specific communication difficulties from whatever cause.Read More
Posted in Communication